Long time no update

Well, busy at work, sick with a cold, travelling the continent.

It is amazing to note the discord that is happening in Western Culture right now. So many left/right arguments that make absolutely no sense. The arguments are based on feeling and need. Completely paper thin arguments that inflame emotions.

When the hell did we abdicate reason and sound judgement?

“Good judgement is the result of experience and experience the result of bad judgement.” – Mark Twain

We have cry babies in power, distanced millennials rising the ranks of power and those at the gates who would completely remove western civilization.

“Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?”

“A Republic, if you can keep it.”

– Ben Franklin


So what is slavery? Do we only see it as the traditional African slave? What about the Irish that came to North America, the Chinese?

What about the value of a man’s work taken by others and not officially permitted to leave.

The power that others have over you, is only that which you give them. It’s a fine balance, but it is your own choice that keeps you where you are.

In the case of slavery, often the choice is to serve or die – but it is a choice none the less.


I read news articles in the morning to start my day. Catch up on the going’s on in the world.

The comments sections really surprise me, so much hatred between those who would call themselves progressive and those that are not, or shall i say more reserved in their need for change.

Western Culture is in a civil war right now, as it does flair up every few decades. The last one was the sixties and seventies. Look at the changes that happened after those.

Article from NP


As a species, why does it seem we always have to fall for “Follow the High Priest” without rational thought.

Not calling out religion, that is not what i am talking about. But in the Bible, it says something to the effect of not following false gods. Why does mankind always have to put something in front of them to follow blindly? It’s almost like those who wrote the Bible knew a thing or two – even with all the inconsistencies (i don’t know which, but google it and i am sure you will find an inconsistency or two).

It’s not about you, it’s about me

Funny how that works. We get so caught up in our own lives that we forget to think of others before ourselves – and vice versa. Being team lead, you have to look after your people first, but some days, like yesterday, you just want to be left alone to lick your wounds and not worry about others seemingly trivial BS (not trivial to them of course, but it is a matter of perspective).

Like really, someone sends you an email from another office, then comes over and asks if you have gotten yet and have looked at it. Of course i will drop everything else just to read your email, after all, i work at McDonalds and only exist to serve your immediate wants [sarcasm of course, my coworker had to leave on a trip and needed confirmation of receipt before they left – perspective right?]


Why keep a blog of thoughts and experiences if no one is going to read them? Well the casual passerby may read this blog, and i may tell my family about it, but for right now, it’s a way to write about the truth of the matter “Veritas Manet” is “The Truth Remains” after all.

Tough Day

Got a call from my Son today. He’s in jail for drug dealing awaiting sentencing. Long story, but i won’t give him money for bail. Still love him greatly.

Uploaded pics from my phone to my dropbox account. Re-read this short essay of his while he was still in high school. Hole in my heart is the size of the wound channel from a .50BMG

2015-03-24 23.02.45

2015-03-24 23.02.55