New Challenges

Finding new challenges sometimes can be difficult. It’s a fine balance of the realistic and unrealistic.

So what to pursue? That all depends on what your interests are and how you want to develop yourself.

For me, i spent from the fall of 2015 to July 2021 in a nightmarish hell from working with the wrong organizations for the wrong reasons. Found out alot about myself during that time.

The Mid Stream group starting with a “P” is a nightmare unto itself. I had thought life was difficult when i started working with them – was i ever wrong. 40hr salaried position turned into starting work at 4am and working consistently until 4pm – 6pm, 5days a week, and on call on the weekends – every weekend. My health suffered, my mental health suffered and all i got out of it was a 1hr life coaching session and a stab in the back from my supervisor. So very glad i left.

When i left, i had no plan, no determination how i was going to provide for my family. I simply stepped into the breach and prayed.

Three days later after i resigned, i hadn’t reached out to any companies for work. One company (starting with a “A”) called me up and wanted me to support them for some ad hoc work they had. I am so very glad i said yes, have been with them for 10months now and it’s been an adventure.

I went and obtained my Rope Access ticket and joined a very eclectic community of climbers that welcomed me with open arms.

So here i am, doing inspection projects and rope access inspections and being incredibly grateful of those who found me. Hoping this lasts.

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