Work is Work

Umm yeah, so first three months as a salaried employee should be only about 60 days of work on a 5/2 schedule and 480hrs (based on 8hr days)

So from May 6 to July 27 i put in 818hrs. So why did i want this job that takes me away from my family?

Had a wonderful conversation with my Wife, she can see the bigger picture. So in opposition to my cutthroat cut and run angle, will stay for the year and evaluate. I can say though that the company is a good company to work for, but their organization is not refined yet. As such leads to me taking on roles that i wasn’t hired for. It’s either do the work or watch the people around me fail. My brother says my expectations of others is too high, that i expect others to step up to the plate as i would. He is right, and a tough realization.

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