Albertan Separation

Yes Please! Times are tough on Alberta, we are in the same situation as the colonists were in the 1700’s in America. What will be our Boston Tea Party i wonder?

Alberta, Saskatchewan are both in the same place – taxation without representation. Alberta and Sask. only get 12 senate seats for 8.5million people while Quebec gets 24 seats for 8million.

Equalization is a complete joke. Alberta is literally paying Quebec to stay in Canada. 221billion since the 60’s – 221billion…….

But separation will not come without it’s own perils. International borders need to be determined, agreement with first nations, trade agreements for our resource products (Oil, Grain, Lumber), internal agitators, and landlocked. All issues that will need to be dealt with.

But i have faith, Albertans live in the harshest Province in Canada (NWT, Nanavut, Yukon take the honors for territories) we will prevail. Hey, maybe others in Western Canada would want to join the bandwagon and join Alberta. But, i do think if Alberta separates, the Feds will jig the books in their favor to not allow any other province to leave. This would mean Canada would be in a hot civil war (presently cold with the left and right bs). Alberta would have to support other Provinces and Territories to leave Confederation.

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