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National Post Face book feed keeps deleting this comment:
No it won’t. That is faulty logic. Yes Trudeau is a complete moron and the Liberal party are pathetic. But that will not change self defense laws in Canada. The Conservatives will not change the laws, look at Scheer, he may be our next Prime Minister, but the man is a milkdud. Do you honestly think he will address rural crime by allowing the citizendry to defend themselves? Do you think he or any Conservative will get involved at the local level to discuss charges in regard to self defense with the RCMP? Do you think that the Conservatives will put forward a bill that even resembles Castle Law? The answer is NO, they won’t. The backlash by the civil unions and stall and delay in Gov’t would effectively paralize the Gov’t. All Politicians either know this already, or learn it very quickly once they enter office.
No one is coming to help the citizendry, the Gov’t (Liberal or Conservative) only cares about gaining or retaining power. The monopoly of force lies directly with the Gov’t and they will never let go of that power to allow citizens to defend themselves.
Yes, one can argue that we are allowed to defend ourselves in Canada. But here is the base rule with that, no matter what happens in a self defense situation, both parties are treated equally guilty. In the case of Mr. Maurice, it was only when the crown could not guarantee a conviction that the charges were dropped. Our right to self preservation is not an automatic guarantee in our country. Quite simply, our country is not set up that way. Our country is set up that it is “peace, order and good government” nothing in there about citizens self defense.
Getting rid of Trudeau will not change one damn thing.

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